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2 Jun 2015

Two worlds colliding, or co-operating?

I work and play nowadays from the understanding that there are two worlds influencing our (one) reality:
·         The world of matter
·         The world of energy

The world of matter is the physical world, where ‘stuff’ has relatively high density, relatively low vibrations at relatively low speed.
The world of energy is the metaphysical world, where ‘ stuff’ has relatively  low density with relatively high vibrations and relatively high speed.

Both founded on a the very same desires to explore the fascinating facets of life, to understand and obey the forces at work in the Universe we live in and the drive to use that information to base high quality lives on,  we have shaped our society reality knowing about these two spheres:
·         The world of matter is represented by organised science, having their gatherings in their sacred places, like Universities.
·         The world of energy is represented by organised religion, spirituality, having their gatherings in their sacred places, like Churches.

Both worlds favour the sphere they  are most invested in themselves to such an extent that they declare  in various degrees of intensity that the world they know most of, is the one reality that is ‘ruling’ or ‘leading’ and therefore most important.

Centuries of campaigning activities on both sides to join them in their belief on what is most  important, have influenced the collective and individual worlds of today.
Our belief systems, the way we have organised our society to work,  it is all usually firing on polarising routines, choosing between two options: ‘ yes’ or ‘no’, ‘ right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘false’ or ‘true’, ’ enemy’ or ‘ally’ , ‘accept fully’ or ‘reject completely’, ‘ like’ or ‘ dislike’, ‘ good’ or ‘ bad’.

As a species, this way of thinking and looking at the world is so deeply ingrained, that we generally can’t even begin to play with the possibility that completely contradicting ‘ facts’ can both be completely and objectively measurably true, simultaneously and at the same time both not being quite right either.
Let alone get your head around the possibility that live becomes much more fascinating ( multi facetted) , easier and harmonious when you allow the two spheres to co-operate, as entities with equal power, only flying a different angle to the same one reality they are both completely invested in.

How can life become easier working with such a confusing paradoxal concept?

Well, I would say, because the battle ends.

The process you are personally most invested in, is viewed ( by you) as most important.

If, measured in pure energy investment, what apparently matters to you most is keeping two parties apart, judging, battling, campaigning for one or the other ( against the other one) , proving one thing right and always true.... then you favour battling over peace and harmony: worlds colliding over worlds co-operating.

If you consider that you, yourself are the embodiment of both worlds ( matter and energy),  holding  and living from both spheres within yourself, then favouring one over the other ( especially alternating constantly in what aspect of yourself you favour over another) , is merely battling with yourself, costing bucketloads of energy.

Think of all the energy you could free up, by simply co-operating with yourself.

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