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4 Jun 2015

Changing position

This whole blog is about processing information.  “Bleuh... nerd alert......booooooring!” (????  )

Well, if you like the topic of ‘ simply being happy and enjoying yourself’ better, than this may be of more interest to you than meets the eye.

I work from the understanding that life is a creative process. How you process information is, to my mind, of high influence on two scores:
·         how much you like what is going on in your life and
·         how much influence you feel you have on how it takes shape.

Both are known to be strong indicators for happiness and a sense of wellbeing.
If I had to point out one activity I find helpful for boosting up your wellbeing, than it would be ‘change your position’.

I see so much benefits in this, that I say (and live by) :” If it is no joy, change your position”.
Which refers always primarily to ‘changing my mental position’ even in the cases when changing my body position is part of it, or doing something else.
Changing the angle of how you look at something, changes the experience and gives you new, fresh, information.

It works everywhere, always.

Taking pictures on eye-level and finding them a bit boring with the horizon always as a flat centrepiece in the composition?
Change the angle, bend you neck  and see what happens. Look down from a birds-eye perspective, (or up) and.....there are no more flat lines in the centre of your attention anymore.
Zoom in, see the details of the scene, or zoom out, see the patterns of the scene, the broader picture and be amazed by the new things  you see., the lines and shapes in the completely new composition of the exact same reality, without you stepping away from it.

Bored with looking? Close your eyes and listen, feel, taste, smell..... taking your eyes out of the equation changes the whole experience again.

General advise:
Bored with doing the same things over and over again in the same way?
Do them differently!

Walk an ordinary boring trip to the wheelie bin with bare feet and it is surely not boring anymore.
Eat the same-old meal on another location, presented in a different way and observe how different it tastes. Or use the very same ingredients and see how many completely different meals you can make from it, in taste, flavour, texture.

What I find important to point out is what happens ‘ under the bonnet’. Usually fairly soon, what is boosting your happiness, is that you are changing your relative position to the formation, the order of the ‘data’ you receive.

In looking at the ‘ data’ in a different order, from a different angle, you see different things. Things that were hidden, from the position you were in, are now more obvious. Things that where ‘in your face’ but you had reached your’ levels of satisfaction’ with, are moving to the background, making room for other things to be viewed as more important, relevant to the overall composition of the reality you are in right now.
Which gives the joy of knowing to have a choice, the choice to see (more of) what is meaningful to you at any given moment. You can influence the quality of the experience, you can influence how much you like what you see, by looking at it differently.

That may be perceived as ‘ well, nothing has really changed then, has it? It is just adding another veneer on the same situation!’ What use has that?

Good point, if this was all that was to it. However, the joy doesn’t stop there! It influences your next step.

From that different mental position, you are attracted to different things in the set of available data.
Another snippet of data in the formation has become more meaningful ( compared to the others in the same field). It is allowed to take the lead in the formation.
In allowing that to happen, you get from the very same set of data, a different experience, different information and so you’ll make different decisions. 

You have opened yourself up to the possibility to move from there into another direction than the directions you are familiar with. Especially useful if you’ve had enough of taking certain routes that you find not so joyful  (anymore).

Yes, I can tell you in advance based on my own experiences: not all experiments on changing your position will produce glorious new ways.

However, in improving your experimenting skills of changing your mental position and looking at the same set of data differently, you are learning to see what it is you actually like to see more of, more often and which directions you prefer, seeing now a palette of choice.

Seen like this, the way you look at things, does make a world of difference.

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