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15 Jun 2015

I surrender...

My alternative to the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button ( and hope for the best) is a speech command in the Knowing.

As far as I know, Google doesn’t have a functionality that compares nicely to how it works.
It could be an asset for the world wide web too, but then again..... maybe nobody would be using it.

Still, I’ll be explaining how it works staying close to how Google works.

When you are on a quest for a suitable solution for a complex situation, meaningful and highly important to your wellbeing, you are usually not ‘ done’ with filling in one search query and picking a suggestion, having gone through a number of suggestions in that one list of options presented to you.

An ‘ extended’ search, a session browsing the internet, usually involves:
  • Filling in several search queries in search engines
  • Browsing through several options presented
  • Selecting and looking into the most promising ones more deeply
  • Sharpening your search queries based on what you’ve found (using synonyms, or new previously unknown words you noticed being used a lot on sites that seem to be related)
  • Flying completely different angles to approach the same topic with.
  • Exploring completely different topics, also of interest to you, apparently ( at least at a conscious level) not related to the search at hand.

When information overload, frustration and confusion start to take its toll and you are losing the fun in the process, not knowing where you are with it all and losing track of where you actually were supposed to be going with it anyway.... then this functionality comes in handy.

It does a meta- search over your search process and presents you with suggestion overlooking the whole process you are in, keeping an eye on what resonates with you ( even without you consciously knowing what resonates with you).


The system has kept a log on your whole search query history.
It knows what you looked for, it knows which pages you opened, it even knows how long your stayed on each page, it knows where you left the page and what you next query contained.
Did you incorporate a word from the last page that you hadn’t come across before? You probably saw the potential in it.
Did you completely change course after seeing a page? You probably got discouraged or seeing more of the same.

Juggling al that, it can compose a very high quality, very detailed search query.
A complex but harmonious composition of the ingredients of your search process.
So detailed, where details matter to you and so broad, where it doesn’t and completely true ( giving your actual actions)..... it must be a high quality search query!

But, you’ve got to ask for it to happen.

In the Knowing, I ask it to provide me with this service in the following way.
  • I say out loud ( or with full intend in my mind) : I surrender. ( That calls the function)
  • I do: I surrender. 

That means:  I let go of all activity and all active mental processes. I consciously stop using my system and give way to let it process all the available information and come up with suggestions. It often means to lie flat on my back, arms wide and ‘ let go’, relax and simply be ‘ open for suggestions’.

I don’t do anything, until I am really happily and confidently drawn to a certain action.
Without fail, what comes up then, is the best suggestion of the day, taking everything into account I value. Often there is a list of more suggestions and I can choose between various good options.

What helps in this process is doing everything with full attention and being true to yourself. Am I giving something 1 hour of my attention, while I actually don’t like what I am looking at and was I actually bored with it after 20 seconds?

It will be registered as ‘ valuable to me’, given my action of giving it so much time and attention!
To please somebody else? The importance of pleasing this person ( in this case... or structurally when it occurs frequently) will be registered as ‘ very important’ in the bigger scheme of things.
Am I not following up on something that interests me, even for a couple of minutes to investigate?
The system will interpret that as that I am not interested, since I didn’t give it more attention. I didn’t even ‘ bookmark’ it in to my system to look at it later, to express my interest honouring also that I don’t have the time now to do so.

The more my actions and words are in line with my actual values of what is of interest to me, the better suitable the results of this function are.

Knowing that the Knowing ( unlike Google) is not only registering in energy resonances what you do on a computer, what you give attention in cyberspace, what you invest your energy in online, but is monitoring all the things that actually pass the screen of your body-mind-soul system ..... monitoring your energy investments and aligning them with your truly desired values helps for this function to really bring forward wonderful options to chose from.

I call that ‘ say ‘yes’, mean ‘ yes’ and do ‘ yes’ in as much of your reality as possible.
Every day, from moment to moment.
So that at any given time when confusion kicks in and you’d like to be guided into high quality suitable suggestions by the Knowing..... the surrender function has good quality material to work with, your actual resonances.

So much more can be said on this topic.
But I've had enough of working at the computer now.
So, I am going to do something else now.

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