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2 Jun 2015

interacting with the Knowing

How is my previous blog post relevant to the Knowing?

As you probably gathered, I like (well, a verb indicating stronger sentiments then ' to like' would be more accurate ;-) ) to retrieve and process information from the Collective Consciousness.
From my own experience, I understand that there are a couple of things relevant to the process of interacting with the Collective Consciousness.

At the core of the process lie two principles:

1) send = receive:
You inquire with your current energetic resonance (of all that matters to you, right now). The Knowing gives you matching relevant related options from the directory, shortly referred to as  directions.

(Compare working with Google: if you inquire about ‘ kitten’, ‘ adoption’,  and the name of the town nearest to where you are....  the search engine  will provide you with a list of websites that point you in the direction of options related to cat-(re-)homing issues near you. Websites about how elephants are trained in India, are not likely to appear on page 1 of the search results!)

2) you have got ‘ freedom of choice’:
When presented with options,  you choose, which option(s)  you would like to look into in more detail and then, which option(s) you’d like to take into account in your next action.

( Compare again with Google... you don’t have to click on all the options presented in the list, you don’t even have to act according to the option(s) you liked best. The number one in the listing, is not necessarily the one that you decide serves you best.)

In using the Knowing it is good to realise that :
·         The Knowing uses energy patterns to convey messages. It is the language it speaks.

(Consequence: if you favour matter ( strongly) over energy, you are not ‘ listening’ to what the message conveyed in energy is telling you. If you are aware of receiving it, you don’t trust it and/or doubt if it is ‘on your side’.

·         If you favour  (strongly) your own belief system and your own personal experiences stored in it over those of others, you are not ‘open to suggestions’, because the Knowing conveys to you what others have experienced in similar circumstances. You are on core ( energetic ) level not interested in that and so you’ll discard all that.

·         If what matters to you most is what matters to others, you can’t fully process the suggestions.
Yes, the Knowing is conveying to you what others have experienced in similar circumstances, so you might be interested, however....
It does so by resonating on your own experiences. It does so by reminding you of cause & effect relations you have experienced yourself.
·         If you favour certain feelings over others, you are missing crucial relevant aspects of the whole message.

·         If you favour feelings over thoughts ( or the reverse), you are missing relevant aspects of the whole message.

·         If you favour battle ( duality, polarisation) over peace and harmony ( oneness) , the Knowing will convey to you options on how to succeed in bringing more of that in your reality, because that is what ( people like) you are indicating to like best!
That is: given your energy investments, because they compose the message you convey in energy language.... what you ‘ say’ in words is of minor significance.
All of this is part of ‘ how it works’, under the bonnet, in the sphere ( world) of energy.

What matters to the Knowing is ‘ experience in oneself’ ( experiencing oneself); serving you with options matching what matters most to you. It has ( like Google) no preference in the matter.

But if you would like to play with the idea that you have got freedom of choice... you might like to make actively, consciously different choices...

Before you engage in making ( drastical) changes in the physical word, I would advise to keep an eye on your metaphysical world too and the messages you convey in your energy investments. Do they match, or do they conflict? 

In my experience: the more they match, the more you happily and confidently know what you are doing with (your) life.

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