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31 Jul 2015

Links me-time and the Knowing (I)

I’ve been writing a few pieces on me-time on this blog, lately.
I realised yesterday how the link between the two may not be all that obvious.

Seeing how me-time seems to be about disconnecting from everybody else and any activities (often: directly or indirectly for others) one might not immediately see what me-time has to do with the Knowing, with the collective consciousness.

I made an inventory of links I see.
This is the first:

noticing changes in the e-scape of your collective(s)

We all know that it is easier to see subtle changes around you, when you’ve been away for a while. Gradual changes have a tendency to escape your conscious awareness, because you are changing with them, when you are in the process. ( A mother doesn’t see the changes in the face of her 5 year old son she sees every day, it is the aunt that has been away for 3 weeks that clearly notices the difference).

When you take regular disconnecting time, you are allowing  your auto-tuning system to regularly chew on something else.
When you then come back to the (collective) e-scape, your auto-tuning system picks up on the subtle differences compared to last time you where ‘ here’. Giving you a fresh view, with (often subtle) information on what has changed.

Many changes, healthy developments,  like the normal visual transformations of growth in the face of a 5 year old,  don’t need any action from your side.
Although noticing them and resonating with them, acknowledging them on an energetic level, does give a boost to positive joyful developments in your the collective. ( this topic is covered in this and this blog post).

However, catching changes that occur that are slowly but surely moving away from healthy, harmonious and desirable developments early has an enormous advantage: it is simpler to take appropriate actions to steer back, to take supportive actions. 

The sooner you realise that a process goes ‘ off track’ and why, the easier it is to intervene and do the necessary to help it back on track. Prevention.
Usually, long before any real problem manifests itself, the first signs and clues are already present.
The engine makes a slightly different sound, the exhaust is fuming a bit more and slightly bluer than normal.... The partner/child is a bit paler, seems slightly pre-occupied and is every day just a fraction later out of bed , ready to go and the twinkle in the eyes is not as sparkling as usual....

Do you need to wait until there is a definite invitation to partake in solving a clearly apparent and now fully life-disharmonising  problem in your collective, before you can do anything meaningful to contribute to the wellbeing for all involved in your community, your collective(s)?
Does the car need to fully break down first, so you nor anybody else can use it unless it gets repaired? Does your partner/child need to have an emotional outburst at work/school first, kicking the person who is bullying into hospital? Does the ‘drama’ really need to happen in its fullest, most difficult to handle form, before you consider the time has come now to give attention to what is ‘ the matter’ in your collective?

“I didn’t know this was happening. Nobody told me! It took me completely by surprise! I didn’t see a problem until this suddenly occured. It isn’t my responsibility that this happened. I couldn’t do anything before anybody asked me to shine my light on the situation........”


Focussing on what is seen in the world of form, of appearances and manifestations, you can have a point.
In the world of energy, however, you were simply not aware of the significant changes, the dysfunctional patterns in your collective e-scape(s) .

Of course, you may not be the single one person responsible for the breaking down of the car ( the active source of the problem) , or the bullying of your partner/child... but you are response able, when you are able to pick up the signals that are already floating around and respond adequately to it, contributing what you comfortable can in your position. (resourceful)
Being away from the collective with your attention regularly (me-time) and then tuning into it again seeing your response ability to  contribute to the harmony of all involved when something is moving ‘ off track’, is a very kind, loving and responsible contribution to make to your collective.

And to yourself. Less difficult to solve problems arise, because they were caught and solved in an early stage. Such an energy saver!

It is not even an effort, since your auto-tuning system is doing most of the ‘ work’ automatically. It is merely a choice: to increase your response ability, to increase your awareness.

I listed a couple more... to be continued .....

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