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30 May 2015

Riddle about ‘ celebrating life’

What is it called when an intensely pleasurable experience (often viewed as a celebration of life) is shared, in harmony, by three, freely and happily?

A threesome

Logically.....What is it then called when an intensely pleasurable experience (often viewed as a celebration of life) is shared, in harmony, by many more people in the world, freely and happily?

A we-some

Me ( yesterday evening, smiling, playing with these words)
"What a fascinating snippet of inspiration!"
( Seeing the link with what I am doing here):
The Knowing is the collective consciousness of all people , the ‘ place’ in the metaphysical world where we all share our experiences freely and happily, without boundaries, without gaps in our knowledge.
Close the gap in ‘ a we-some’  and you’ll see what the Knowing is:

Little note:
Yes, the word threesome is most frequently used when talked about the celebration of life called sex, although according to my dictionary online, trio, trinity and triad are all words for  3 entities -interacting.

I just realised how in my experience I would say that even when two physical people are involved in the celebration of live called sex, I feel most alive and fulfilled when there are three ( energy fields, metaphysical entities) of us involved, simultaneously:

If the we-(energy) field is not shared, full filled (litteraly filled with the breath of life, with attention) minded/ mined at the same time, there are just not enough balloons in the air for me to call it a really awesome party.

Imagine the fun in any celebrations of life when the energy fields look more like this:
A party like this, definitly needs more attention to details!!

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