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26 May 2015

Knowing and the relation with information processing skills

Developing, evolving, growing is in its nature a process of expanding possibilities, exploring new, formally unknown territory.
I state, the Soul offers support in doing that safely.
However, many functions in the body-mind-soul system, having to do with processing information are actively disabled in most modern Western people, in the course of their life time.
All information, that is, not just that what the soul downloads from the Knowing.

Many of us disabled functions related to this in our system in the early phase of life called childhood.
There, you were quite objectively relying on the people in your environment to provide you with essential things in life. Those people taught you many things, among which probably that these people around you are also the most reliable source of information.
It is highly likely that you were exploring other sources in those days, came up and experimented with new ideas and concepts, questioned the choices the people around you made and you probably were showing evidence of favouring some of those alternatives.
It is highly likely, because children and adolescents do this naturally, as part of their development to being an adult.

Unfortunately (that is my assessment of it) such natural inquisitive experimental behaviour was not met with full appreciation or inspiring guidance.
It got either completely disapproved of (blocked) or confined to be allowed only in areas of life regarded as less crucial (leisure time).
If your life (being loved, fed, sheltered, clothed, warmed, to name a few) depends on it, your options on dealing with this from this position as a child are few. You follow in the footsteps of your providers in order to stand any chance to grow up to be an independent adult.

That is where you are now. You are able now to provide yourself with various essentials in life, make your own choices independently. Congratulations! You survived childhood!

Only...... in order to make good choices that are good for all areas of (your) life, information processing skills are a necessary life skill.
How do you assess the quality of information?
How do you assess the usability of information in your situation?
How do you gather information?
How do you deal with data that seem contradicting?
What defines a good choice? How do you make a good choice?

Is it safe to say that , even if you have a natural ability for something (talent) , if you don’t practise it, use it, you don’t become very good and very skilled at it.

Some say, our current generation of people in their working adult years are experiencing choices-stress.
This is often understood as ‘ the quantity of choices’  is causing the stress. The problem is said to be caused by  abundance of so many good possibilities.
Usually followed by a longing for ‘ the old days’ when life was simple, you simply had no choice.
I would pinpoint in a slightly different direction as the cause of the stress, since I view Abundance of good possibilities as a blessing, not a curse.
To me, when talking about choices-stress, it is the quality of the choices process that is causing the stress.

Most people don’t see the abundance when they are in any way involved in a choices process.
With so many of their natural abilities to chose wisely in ever changing circumstances actively disabled, their options to chose from have actually decreased into the default modus operandi in making choices. The routine has become, on making choices:
 “ I follow the lead of those who provide me with essentials like money, clothing, housing, food, attention.”
Reason, the assumed position in the person’s belief system is:  “I am not in a position to do anything else. This is my only choice to survive.”

Instead of seeing abundance in options to chose from, to live, the person own program settings have  narrowed it all down to seeing only One Choice open to survive... to follow somebody else’s lead!

If there was only one person who would provide you with all the essentials and the world hadn’t moved on in any way, that strategy could still work very well.
But that is observable not the case, if you look outwardly.
There are bosses, clients, spouses, landlords , commerce, governments  and now-elderly parents providing you with life’s essentials. They are contradicting each other in telling you what to chose, all with their own preferences for what you chose, for varying reasons (motives they often keep to themselves).
Resulting in ongoing confusing in you on what to chose in order to survive. How is that usually called? Stress.
Choices-stress. Life is a string of choices..... so make that an existential stress.

Not because there are too many options to chose from, but there is only one option actually open on how to chose, in the body-mind-soul programming.

That state of affairs would really benefit from an update, if you asked me.
An update I know that can’t be purchased, but is freely available to anybody who chooses it.

Allow your system to go back to its natural settings as it was programmed from the ‘ factory’ and explore all the wonderful options that got ‘ unchecked’ were ‘ disabled’ in the process of you, customizing  yourself.

More on my ideas on the how to’s  of that, in followings blogs, I’m sure.

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