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25 May 2015

Food for Thought: Quirky Cucumbers

I am aware that it is generally favoured to see consistency, a repeating patterns of sameness, in how products look. Favouring ‘ sameness’  in appearance is so much ingrained in the fabric of our society, that it has often become the norm. 
The extent to which people can produce the same looking result, over and over again, consistently, is considered to be an indicator of quality.

I am a producer myself.
I am a producer of Food for Thought, which I grow in a sustainable way.

In writing here about the collective consciousness, sharing the fruits (and vegetables) I’ve grown in my mental gardens and greenhouses, I’ve noticed something, in looking at my products and getting feedback about them.

Apparently, I grow quirky cucumbers!
Just as well as pear shaped apples, and appalling pears.
In their shape, in their form, in their size, in their weight... they are not-consistent.
Even in their timing of appearance, they are not-consistent. Sometimes there is almost no produce of some kind, other times, something of a certain kind is abundant.

That, in modern day eyes, is a prove of me being a lousy producer.
I can’t supply consistently the same things over and over again. And when there is a steady supply, the various products don’t look the same, don’t follow the same rules.
When it comes to writing, there are rules, you know, in society, on how to produce quality pieces.
Rules about language, grammar, spelling and style.
Most important rule in amongst those rules seems to be: be consistent.

Well, I look at my products and way of producing them  and I see:
I am following one rule, very consistently. 
It is, to me, the most important rule I live by, defining quality to me.
The nutritional value of my products needs to be consistently high and I can only achieve such produce by allowing it to grow freely, allowing it to follow its natural rhythm, to develop in its natural shape.

Mass produced ( with all due respect) cucumbers can be recognised by their sameness in shape, year round available in any supermarket near you. They are usually consistent in taste too.
Organically grown cucumbers are quirky. They all are slightly different, with a dent here, a bend there, some spots or discolouring. They may even vary in taste.
If you ever are in a position to compare the two..... I’m pretty sure which type will tickle your taste-buds more.

So, when it comes to my writing, know that this is what I have to offer.

I write in English. 
It don’t claim to write in correct and official British English, American English or Australian English. I am writing in International English, which is (at the moment , as far as I know),  in the Western world,  the fluid ever evolving dialect of people who are broadening their mental horizons, are exploring different ways of being beyond their cultural programming : my audience.

I love playing with words.

Some words you might call a typo, when it is actually a deliberate cross bread of concepts and so I will use it consistently spelled that way.

My sentences are usually on the long side.
I write very much in the way I speak and think.
I love it.
There are periods where I can stop myself.
Those breaks occur after intense information high stints with full focus on one thing.
You might not suspect it, reading the produce of those stints, but I am actually an ambassador for those periods.

I love using italics, bolds and ‘......’ , to emphasize something.

I leave gaps.
Not just empty spaces between paragraphs, as a way of structuring the text.
There are also gaps in the content;  bits of information you might think are missing, you might think are crucial.
Those gaps, are more often than not, left deliberately, because I produce fresh Food for Though, not ready meals.
You have got to slice it, mix it with other ingredients if you like, season it to your taste, prepare it as you want, chew it and digest it.

Some things are meant literally, some figurative. Many things are meant both simultaneously. I often leave it up to the reader to decide, just giggling knowing how different the reading experience is interpreting it as literal, or figurative.
That is part of my general invitation to be creative with my produce and experience how changing your mental position colours the experience!

So, yes, I am seriously playful. I know where I am leaning towards serious and when I am not. It may not always be obvious to you.
To me , that is part of the highest nutritional value I see in all work and play: JOY.

I harvest my Food for Thought when it is ripe, whatever is ripe.
No sooner, no later. It goes that very same day to the market, ready to be used, also creating space for new produce to grow.
A little TLC to wrap it up in carefully chosen words, just enough to get it to you.
But  no endless fussing with it or tossing it around.
No trying to make it look ‘ more presentable’ or recognisable to the mass....
Waiting for the ripe yummy quirky bendy discoloured cucumber to turn into a straight, evenly green one, doesn’t ring true for me as the wisest, most joyful actions to invest my time as a producer in.
So, there is some editing done...... not much. I’ve got a mental  garden to (joyfully) attend to!

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