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31 Aug 2015

Universal Guide to Resonating with Joy in Communities

vibrational essence for the wellbeing of all in the community

43 years, 2 months and about 1 week of being on this planet brought me to this hill with a 360 panoramic view on some understanding.

  • Why is there so much misery in this world?While people are capable of being so creative and resourceful. There is so much potential to make it a much better place!
  • What can be done?And what is my/our place in that to give the impetus to change, supporting people to tap into the richness of life, where that creativity and resourcefulness are tapped into to make this world a better place?

The answers are in plain view, this is what I see.

There is so much misery in this world, because people don’t resonate with joy in each other enough.
In the world of energy ( which is completely non-verbal, uses no words at all), the majority of the adult population:
  • does not recognise joy anymore
  • does not give full attention to joy anymore, everand last but not least
  • does not resonate with it completely if it is recognised and given full attention.

They don’t even know what that is, to resonate with,  and their perceptions about it are fear based  (focus on lack and loss) and (therefore) not the highest truth and surely not helpful; nor for themselves not for the wellbeing of their community.

Being able to resonate, in the here and now, with somebody’s energy resonance of joy, completely :
  • regardless of what caused it and
  • regardless of whether or not your belief system agrees (completely) with the form it has and labels it ‘perfect’ or sees room for improvements.
  • regardless of whether or not your routines and protocols are open to pursue taking the same actions, just  once, twice or even structurally…..

that, to me, is ‘ resonating with’…… also my perception of a concept called ‘unconditional love’.

When a person experiences this, he grows. He learn by experience that his talents are making a thoroughly and fully appreciated contribution to his community and he finds motivation to develop his talents further.

Does all joy need to be resonated with by others?
No, that is not necessary.

But there is a minimum level, the bread line’ of joy, under which ‘ life’ is not sustainable and doesn’t develop forward: thrive.

If it occurs less than 2% of the cases where the vibration of joy is present in the e-scape (energy landscape) two ( or more) people are in…… the light fades.

We, as a society, are under the 2% threshold and unless we re-cover our ability to resonate with (each other’s) joy again, fully and completely, without holding anything back….. any attempt to find Peace and Harmoney in each other’s words and actions, is futile.

Happiness may be an individually experienced emotion that is ‘nice’ and surely guiding into the right direction….. Joy is shared, happiness in stereo, between two ( or more) souls.

Joy has healing capacity, of all energy-in-motion ( emotion) related issues.
When we squeeze the full resonance of joy completely out of the menus of our communities, we remove the built-in healing capacities of our communities.
Total decay…. ( environ-)mental….. as a result, in both energy  (the way we live together) and matter (the way we treat the earth and all the goods under our guardianship).
No individually experienced happy moment has the (re-)development power and impact of shared joy. We are naturally wired as social beings, with a purpose to develop ourselves  and our society together, simultaneously.
Where people (working/living together) share more than 2% of the joy that is present, healing begins instantly.
When 10% is reached, it starts to show in the material world too in a better health for all, more (and shared) prosperity.

Just like that?
Yes….. and no.

Yes, because it takes almost no-time and almost no-effort and it will be a joy.
No, because it does mean investing and developing our talents. It does mean exploring our beliefs and experimenting with new ways, composing new arrangements that work better, that serve wellbeing for all involved.

Does this mean you shouldn’t be empathic with people experiencing misery?
Because in all cases, it alleviates any ‘ burden’ of an issue if it is resonated with. That gives it the space to ‘be’ and to become something else… something better.

But not resonating enough ( less than a lousy tiny little 2%, FGS), with the sheer Joy of Being, is killing it, slowly maybe, but surely. ‘It’ being on various scales: the individual, the community, life of men on earth. All happening for the sake of being afraid of losing something precious.
What on earth can ever be more precious than the Joy of Being?

I feel, this insight needs to be widely known and people probably need support in the ‘ how to’ department of the application of this insight.
I, the co-creator of this Universal Guide, see a place for me in that and am inviting you to consider taking part in this Richesse adventure.

This Universal Guide is like a text book and story book in one, written in pure energy.
Ideal as a bedtime-story.

The vibrational essence guides the user in it’s most free soul state (sleep) to catch up on some Universal Insights on the matter in the Knowing, the Collective Consciousness.
Meanwhile allowing the person to experience first hand ‘ resonating with’ Joy.
The experience is lifting the person, while asleep, over the 2% threshold, overcoming the fear for the full resonance with joy within.
He then knows, remembers, at core level ‘ how to’ invest this talent also when awake in his here and now community, with the people he is actually living/working with in the reality of the now.
From there, a (re-)development vortex opens up, even to those members of the community who haven’t consulted this Universal Guide themselves.
Their joy is more often shared ( resonated with) , so they are lifted up over the 2% threshold (while awake). They heal what got damaged, they start to recognise and develop their talents, they start to resonate with others recognising joy…..etcetera, etcetera…. Climbing as a community up towards and over the 10% mark, where results become visible in the material world and motivation to keep up the good work, gets another boost.

Sounds too good to be true?
Never heard of the existence of such a thing?

Well, you might want to look at it in a pragmatic way.
If none of this is true and this composition is just spring water and some alcohol, nothing of any real importance is lost.
If it happens to be true, then you are at the dawn of a new day in the evolution of man and we’ve got some energy work to play with.
A less than 1 second action, one spray starting your bed time read, every night until you sense you have ‘ got’ it, is all it takes.

Even if your belief system has its concerns, ask yourself…… does it appeal to your soul?
If your diaphragm starts to give a tingling sensation, right now, a butterfly touch tickles your gut….your soul is saying ‘ yes’ to you and you’d might like to contact me for more details on how to obtain this Universal Guide vibrational essence.

The choice however, is yours, always.

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