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29 Aug 2015

the 3 wise nomads

Hypocritus, Hippocrates , Hypothesus
(and Hypochonder, the one who physically carries the really heavy stuff)
on their way, paying their respect with their best gifts
It is august.
Not the time of year, traditionally to speak of Epiphany, with three wise people paying their respects to the embodiment of a good life.
But heh….. if they knock on my door today, what am I to do…. send them away?
There is plenty of space for them to spend a night here, three fish in the freezer, three courgettes in the garden.
Why not share what we’ve got?

They shared with me their wisdom and what I heard put a smile on my face.
The four of us spoke about life, what works for them, what works for me.
It matched so beautifully, their story simply has to become a blog post.

Let me first sketch, how they presented themselves.

(They all fulfil their specialised tasks to their best ability and have a power  source that supports them, and they consult it whenever they can as their main power source. So, in whatever they do, they refer to it, like in their introduction here.)

I am a public relations specialist. It is my job to keep an eye on the image that took years to carefully built up. I contribute to the sustenance of good appearances, so help me…. my belief system.
I am a healer. It is my job to fix things that have gone wrong. I contribute to the sustenance of good health, so help me…. my protocols. ( I am also the main carer for Hypochonder)
I am a developer. It is my job to improve things so they go structurally better. I contribute to good developments, so help me…. my imagination.

We had some fun comparing notes, their experiences and mine.

I showed them some of my analogies and we soon agreed on how it fitted in with their Nomadic lifestyle.
In  my map of Joy, Hippocrates identified himself with seeking Peace, Hypocritus with seeking Pleasure and Hypothesus with seeking Harmoney.

In my music analogy, Hippocrates recognised himself as the creator of the base, the steady natural rhythm of the beat, Hypocritus with creating the melody, whistling and singing the nice tunes and Hypothesus the creator of the compositions, the arrangements.

In the be-do-have paradigm I mentioned (as a toy to play with from Neale Donald Walsch), they saw their place:
  • Hippocrates is most concerned with ‘ What I do’,
  • Hypocritus is most concerned with  ‘ What I have’,
  • Hypothesus with ‘ What I am’.

Their focuses of service:
  • Hippocrates : the high (working) standards of the physical elements ( the body) , mechanical/technical connections, ‘ what will people (be able) to do?’
  • Hypocritus : the high standards of the outward appearance,  the social connections, ‘what will people (be able to ) think’ (mind)
  • Hypothesus: the high standards of development, the meta-physical connections (soul) , ‘ what will people (be able to) experience’

We spoke about the quality of life and how much frustration there is in this world inner and outer conflicts everywhere, people seeking for happiness, meanwhile struggling. Finding life: shallow, dull or lonely.

They laughed.
  • Hippocrates says, whenever he is out doing his own for a long time, people call him dull and eventually he starts to look for more happiness.
  • Hypocritus, says, whenever he is out doing his own thing for a long time, people call him shallow and eventually he starts to look for more happiness.
  • Hypothesus says, whenever he stays home and Hypocritus and Hippocrates are out and about for a long time, together or apart, he gets somewhat lonely, because nobody visits him until they come home and start to look for more happiness.

Is there a moral  in this encounter?

My hypotheses would be:
That if your happiness can do with a boost, see that you are the whole nomadic tribe.
You are Hippocrates, Hypocritus and Hypothesus, they are the 3 wise personalities of your whole wisdom as a human being, paying their respective respects in sharing their gifts with the  embodiment of a good life (you).
Everybody is Hippocrates, Hypocritus and Hypothesus.

The most interesting question is how the three of them are welcomed iand invited to share all their gifts in your dwelling, in you, by you, with you.

Their main focus:
Hypocritus: words..... form
Hippocrates: deeds......energy in form
Hypothesus: meaning..... energy

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